Since 2005, we’ve been known as ASI System Integration, Inc. or simply as ASI. Many customers have asked us over time what ASI stands for – and the truth is, we were a company with strong vision but represented by an acronym without meaning. The “System” portion of our full name often offered the perception that ASI was merely another technology reseller. But we are much more than that – and YOU, our customer, need to know! So, we’ve decided it’s also time to change our groove. That being said, we’ve breathed new life into “ASI” and are excited to announce the result: Agilant Solutions, Inc. ASI has always prided ourselves on our flexibility and agility and on our vigilance in keeping customers up & running, and safe from security breaches. Agile + Vigilant = Agilant The full legal/parent name of our company going forward is Agilant Solutions, Inc. For short, we’ll still be ASI and we’ll also be keeping our “ASI System Integration, Inc.” name as a D/B/A. Please note that this is a NAME CHANGE only, NOT a new company. Our corporate Tax ID remains the same. Our new name will include an updated logo, website, and style.