Asset Disposition

asi reduces end-of-life costs and helps businesses align to compliance regulations and environmental standards.

ASI understands the complexities in the proper handling of retired IT assets from both an environmental, and a data protection perspective.  The evolving landscape of legislation at the local, state, federal, and global levels regarding compliant processing of equipment and data is often overlooked by many organizations.  Our teams of industry experts maintain competency in all of these areas and provide our clients with a Risk Management Program that offers significant value back to their company.

  • E-Waste is the largest growing waste stream in the world
  • NYC the first city to get ewaste law
  • 85% of electronics are being landfilled today
  • ASI offers the latest in data eradication services
  • ASI offers a no offshore and no landfill solution for electronics

importance of data protection and security

As important as the physical disposition of equipment is to our planet, the protection and proper handling of our clients’ data is just as critical.  ASI utilizes a variety of Data Eradication techniques and methodologies, such as the NAID approved Secure Erase process which completely eradicates data, yet renders the hard drive functional for future use.  Processes such as these and others, have replaced less effective industry standards such as DOD wipes, and provide our clients with greater assurances that their risk in this process has been eliminated.

In short, ASI provides our clients with a compliant and secure service that yields value at every step in the process.  We provide Transfer of Asset and Transfer of Liability Certificates to our clients, and utilize only facilities that possess the highest level of certification from both equipment and a data processing perspective.

asi supports reuse before recycle

Our firm is an embedded IT organization, and thus ASI approaches Asset Disposition from an IT perspective. While many providers in the market today are scrappers and recyclers, ASI is able to engage our clients at a higher level. 

Our offerings support the EPA's R2/RIOS initiative of REUSE before RECYCLE.  Because we are an IT firm, our staff is capable of restoring and refurbishing devices to a state of usability.  We have teams of buyers who seek to purchase used, functioning devices, and the sale of these goods results in a profit sharing process between ASI and our clients. 

When systems cannot be reused, certain components which are still functioning, and therefore have value, may be pulled for future use and again, a profit share is provided to our clients.