ASI Launches a New Brand!

by kriley January 9, 2012

We're kicking off the New Year the right way at ASI!

YES, 2012 is going to be an unforgettable year!

First and foremost, today we officially launch our "new ASI style" in the form of a cool blue logo & uplifted branding scheme. Why? Because the technology solutions we represent and integrate are innovative, stimulating, and impressive. However, ASI doesn't only REPRESENT things that are exciting; ASI, in and of itself, IS an energetic and positive place to be. As professionals in the industry, frankly, we needed to show that by upping our game and getting a make-over. We wanted to have a bigger impact; be more approachable. And we did it the right way: we put in the time, did the research, spoke to customers/partners, built some amazing tools and NOW are ready to share them with you.

In addition to the new brand & color scheme, we've also implemented a variety of platforms to boost communication with customers, prospects, partners, and the industry; namely our new website, newsletter, blog portal, news & events portal, and social media arenas. This industry is captivating, so let's talk about it! Why not "like" ASI on Facebook; follow us on Twitter; sign up for the newsletter; read our blog. There are so many ways for you to get involved, communicate, and interact with ASI. And the best part is, we're committed to doing just the same for you.

All of our teams are ramped up for 2012 and aggressively ready to be the best we can in the field! Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen... You're in for a great year with ASI!




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