The universal dilemma of Modern "I.T."

by Katie Riley May 15, 2014

The Death and Taxes of Modern "I.T."

By John Flowers, Worldwide Channels Marketing Manager, HP Technology Services

The combined effect of modern IT is mind-boggling! And so it comes as no surprise that keeping all IT systems state-of-the-art is an unrealistic expectation. Given the rate of technological innovation in response to what modern IT is facing, even a questionable strategy. Maintaining older technologies, usually in combination with newer systems, is an all-too-real and universal dilemma – the death and taxes of modern IT. But how do you deal with it? Whether you’re keeping older systems going while testing and qualifying newer technology, or integrating newer systems for business critical needs with current (i.e. older) systems, any way you look at it these legacy systems are still critical to the health of your business. 

So much for the doom and gloom, because this is precisely where HP Post Warranty Care Pack services come in. Simply put, it’s the best way to mitigate risk and ensure stability for still active but out-of-warranty IT technology. With the appropriate HP Post Warranty Care Pack services in place and ready to go, you have the peace of mind that can only come from knowing your continued maintenance and support is available immediately, from qualified and knowledgeable HP professionals. Determining the Post Warranty services that best fit your complete IT environment and the technologies involved, and measuring the importance of dependent functions is where HP’s experience comes in.  For example, basic post warranty support offerings do not help prevent problems, or assist in firmware and patch analysis and updates.

The Proactive Care Post Warranty Servicesare flexible, designed to match your specific needs.
Proactive Care gives a superior call experience with an expert single point of contact, right there at your fingertips. Your complex problems are resolved faster &more easily with the help of the HP Technical Solution Specialist, who owns the problem from start to finish. And those interoperability issues with firmware on legacy systems will be a thing of the past, because Proactive Care gives you firmware and patch analysis and recommendations. You may also miss the joy of manually tracking warranties and support contracts. HP remote support technology tracks all that, and in turn activates many of the Proactive Care deliverables. Virtualized applications needing care and feeding are in good hands, too! Proactive Care was designed for virtualized, converged, industry-standard IT. Here’s where risk mitigation is very real.

These environments are more complex and need proactive support to analyze their health on a regular basis and prevent problems before they occur.
 Unplanned outages getting you down? Proactive Care reduces them by intelligent reporting and expert advice, to identify and remove potential issues before you go down for the count. Don’t want to pay an arm and a leg? Industry-standard technology is maintained in a more cost effective manner by utilizing state of the art HP remote support technology and specialist remote resources. So come clean. Do you have any active servers, storage, or networking hardware out of warranty, or about to expire? And if so, what business functions are dependent on that equipment? That’s important for every business to know. After all, if a legacy server has a problem causing it to be compromised or even out of commission, what would the consequences be? How long would the dependent applications be affected or even down? How much would it cost your business, and how long would it take to cold call some IT support service to fix it? Adding up your TCD - your total cost of downtime - including loss of revenue, diverted resources, and potential end-customer impact could be devastating. So do something about it.

Check out HP Post Warranty Care Pack services - the best way to deal with the death and taxes of modern IT.



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