How to Enhance Your In-Store Experience & Become an Omnichannel Powerhouse

by Admin July 14, 2017

Creating a great in-store experience is critical in retail, but these days it must be part of a unified experience across all channels. Retailers need to create an engaging and convenient shopping experience at all touchpoints, including web, social media, email, mobile, digital, and in-store.

Bridging your online and offline shopping journeys allows you to connect seamlessly with your customers and keep them on the path to purchase, whether it happens through e-commerce, in-store shopping, click-and-collect, or direct-store-delivery. To compete in today’s changing retail environment, these omnichannel strategies are critical to any retail game plan.

So you need to engage your customers digitally and create an outstanding experience that begins online and continues in your store. But how do you bring together your digital and in-store experience to deliver great service and become a successful omnichannel retailer?

1. Provide Personalized Customer Service

Equipping your staff with mobile computers, including mobile point of sale and built-in barcode and RFID scanning, allows them to run critical business applications and access real-time inventory, pricing, shipping and delivery options, and even online product reviews. When it’s time to complete a purchase and pay for it, your associates can also provide fast and convenient checkouts anywhere in your store.

2. Provide Self-Service Options

Giving shoppers self-service options is important for many retailers. Depending on their preferences and the nature of your retail environment, you may want to add self-service kiosks for price and inventory checks as well as store maps that make it easy to find products. You can also use kiosks for convenient self-service checkouts.

3. Create Customer-Centric Fulfillment

Today’s consumers can shop anywhere at any time, and they now expect nearly instant gratification and ultra-convenient service. So it’s important to have a fulfillment strategy that supports in-store shopping, online purchases with in-store pickups, and home deliveries from your warehouses or local store inventory.

To make customer-centric fulfillment happen, you need to connect your online, in-store, and warehouse operations. Automatic data collection, tracking, and mobile computing solutions are the way to do this. With the right systems in place, you can provide your associates and customers with timely, real-time access to accurate inventory, shipping and delivery options, and the tools to ensure fast and convenient service, whether the shopping experience takes place online or in your store.

4. Deliver the Right Product, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

One of the secrets to Amazon’s success is its use of big data, software, and other intelligent tools to measure and analyze consumer traffic and behavior. This allows Amazon to anticipate product demand and deliver the right products wherever and whenever they’re needed.

Store retailers can use the same tools, plus mobile marketing and location tracking, to understand customer traffic and behavior. Using a combination of data, measurement, and analysis of online and in-store customer activity as well as trends, you can better manage distribution, inventory, in-store availability, and pick-up or delivery.

Taking the First Step

At ASI, we’re helping retailers implement these best practices and achieve omnichannel success. If you’re looking to create a better in-store experience and connect your e-commerce and brick-and-mortar operations to deliver the best possible service to your customers, we can help.

We offer IT systems design, consulting, and integration that will turn your retail business into an omnichannel powerhouse. Drawing on deep expertise and customized solutions, we blend strategic designs, proven Zebra mobile technologies, and world-class service and support to create omnichannel solutions for the future of retail.

Contact us now to get started and request a free consultation.


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