Data Center

asi recommendations are based on best-of-breed hardware, software and industry best practices and methodologies.

We live in an age where information is Key to your organization's operations and competitive advantage. As such, being able to reliably access data 24x7 is the number one responsibility for IT departments worldwide.

ASI has built a competency center around addressing this need. Our solution architects will help your IT department navigate through the myriad of existing and emerging technologies. They will advise whether SAN, NAS, DAS or FAS is the most appropriate architecture for your organization. Working with your IT staff, we will help identify performance, reliability, and scalability requirements by eliminating silos and integrating technologies into shared pools of interoperable resources to provide new levels of simplicity, integration, automation, and availability to enable clients to focus on meeting their businesses’ fluctuating demands. Working together with industry leaders, ASI offers a full portfolio of standards-based, integrated solutions and services developed specifically to solve data center complexities and overcome the inefficiencies caused by IT sprawl.

With this data in hand, our consultants will then design a custom solution to meet the business objectives of your organization. Their recommendations are based on best-of-breed hardware, software and industry best practices and methodologies.

ASI consultants possess the expertise required to design and execute crucial Data Center processes from concept to deployment to turnover.  We maximize results & efficiencies, minimize risks, and optimize workflow for your data center, with the overall goal of lowering total cost of ownership of IT assets and increasing your data center return on investment.

Data Center Portfolio

  • Assessment and Scope - The success of a Data Center design or relocation is achieved with clearly defined objectives and requirements for work, resources, products, schedules and cost.
  • Co-Locations - ASI offers a complete range of Engineering and Implementation Solutions that lower you Data Center design cost.  Our outsourced model clearly states your return on investment.
  • Redesign - As your technology needs change, ASI solution architects facilitate a cost-effective redesign of your Data Center.  This process regularly increases return on investment and maximizes space utilization.
  • Relocations - ASI offers services beyond relocation of equipment that ensures the efficient operation of your Data Center.
  • Consolidation - We provide consolidation planning services using industry-standard best practices that maximize efficiencies and dramatically reduce Data Center real estate costs.
  • Enterprise Data Center KVM - The use of keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switches, splitters, and extension cables empower you to improve the efficiency of your Data Center.
  • Power Solutions - We provide power solutions that lower your costs and increase your power utilization.

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