Joe Roman

Executive Director, Support Services

Joe Roman has a degree in Criminal Justice degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  He holds various certifications in Service Marketing, Customer Service and Business Development. He is also certified by all major hardware and software manufactures including Apple, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft.

A 20 year IT services executive, Joe is recognized for his strong record of achievement in the area of IT operations and project portfolio management.  Joe is a highly motivated entrepreneur, with extensive experience in service management including project management, operations, call-center creation, logistics, facilities management, and financial analysis. Joe’s ability to effectively mobilize technical and service operations teams to execute a common vision, continuous improvement and IT governance has been recognized by both enterprise clients and industry leaders.

As Director of ASI’s Technology Services business unit, Joe is responsible for the successful leadership and execution for the business unit’s mission statement. He is empowered to motivate and lead ASI’s national service teams to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction, increase technical productivity, efficiency and performance by introducing methodologies and service delivery best practices. He successfully motivates his management teams to execute a common vision of improved quality and organizational effectiveness.

Accomplishments include: nationwide projects, rollouts, developing effective project management teams, remediation of large-scale projects that fail to meet objectives and building successful service delivery organizations based on proven on-boarding and career development best practices.

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