Lifecycle Sourcing

we reduce total cost of ownership through hardware and software standardization, best practices, and asset management

Our optimized and agile single point-of-contact solutions meet all of our clients’ sourcing, integration, deployment, and IT management requirements.  Our acquisition solutions are designed to enhance clients’ agility and reduce the total cost of ownership with ASI's low-risk and sustainable lifecycle sourcing services.  ASI is uniquely positioned to provide multi-vendor technology solutions. The breadth of technology and software fulfills all the requirements through an easily managed single sourcing model. Think of the possibilities – one purchase order to cover all the technology needs in any given project - leveraging our highly skilled and experienced solution architects and senior implementation engineers supported by the leading technology partners.

ASI System Integration, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide multi-vendor technology solutions. We are expert in the provisioning of expedited orders, storing and scheduling deployments, providing third party integration services, asset tagging and tracking capabilities, and offering flexible billing options and reporting activity. Working together with our global distribution partners, ASI provides procurement services necessary for any successful engagement.

We have the procurement power that harnesses strategic relationships with some of the world’s most respected hardware and software providers. Our configuration management team is expert at designing solutions which maximize the strategic value of clients’ IT resources. We have the change management experience that preserves individual business continuity while enabling major application and technology refresh year after year. The result is an improvement is client's cash flow management achieved through predictive technology costs, more efficient billing, remittance, and accounting systems aligned to clients’ organizational structure.

e-commerce capability

Through our eCommerce site, clients can engage in Web-based purchasing, tracking, reporting, and consultation while taking advantage of the beneficial pricing agreements.  This provides a virtually transparent supply chain for the procurement process enabling a reduction in the overall total cost of acquisition. 

E-commerce enhances the way you work with ASI by allowing you to:
  • Search for products with specific features or characteristics
  • Check prices, availability and technical specifications of products
  • Compare similar products based on their specifications
  • View recommended accessories and related items
  • Opt to offer your internal customers access to a reduced catalogue of preferred, standard items
  • Use standard bundles, grouping products and services often bought together to control your users' access rights
  • Create and save quotes before ordering
  • Submit orders into our sales order processing system
  • Check on the progress of your orders, placed using our e-commerce site or directly with the account team
  • Use reporting to analyze your spend, by criteria such as by user, by department and by product.