Mark D. Romanowski

Executive Vice President

Mark Romanowski received a Bachelor Degree in Communications from Brooklyn College.  In addition he has completed countless management, services, sales, operations, and marketing programs throughout his career.

Mark held a number of senior executive IT positions including Director, Vice President, and Senior Vice President. A 36-year IT Executive, Mark is currently the Executive Vice President for ASI System Integration, Inc. Mark is well recognized throughout the industry for his breadth of knowledge, encompassing extensive expertise in Business Development, Sales, Services Operations, and Executive Management. Mark authored the industry's one and only comprehensive services book titled, "Services Guide". Its wide acceptance and market demand has prompted him to further expand the offering to include strategic consulting to the including business development, services best practices, delivery, and IT operations.

Mark is a frequent guest speaker and consultant to the leading information technology companies and industry research firms. An active participant in numerous industry groups, Mark was the Executive Board Member and Treasurer for CompTIA, a leading Global IT trade association with influence in all areas of the IT industry worldwide. He is a member of the American Management Association (AMA), Field Service Managers International (AFSMI), and of the major Manufacturer’s Services and Sales Executive Councils.  He is currently the acting President of the HP Americas Services Executive Council.

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