Mobile Computing

Mobility is transforming business and life. The borders between personal and professional, home and office, device and applications are disappearing. Today mobility is not just the ability to use an app from a mobile device but to be relevant when you are truly mobile. Mobile devices have out shipped laptops and desktops today.

Enterprise adoption of the tablet is expected to pick up significantly in coming years, according to analyst firm Forrester, which predicts 18 percent of tablet sales to come from businesses. 

Enterprise tablets will make up around 12 percent of the 186 million tablets that Forrester expects to be in use. Business adoption for internal and customer-facing purposes will drive tablets to become 18 percent all tablets in use by 2017, according to the company's latest global business and consumer tablet forecast update.  

Forrester forecasts tablet sales will rise from 122 million in 2012 to 381 million a year by 2017, suggesting tablet sales in the enterprise of 68 million a year.

Social and Cloud

Today, human interactions are the most important part of mobility. Social media has transformed processes the way we live and interact with each other.  Adoption of the cloud is driven by the need to collaborate with an exciting and worry-free experience.  In short, we live in an era of new social behavior driven by the world economy and an “always-on” capability.

As a leading global system integration company, ASI’s mobile computing solutions are part of our comprehensive lifecycle services portfolio designed to address the new age of collaboration and communications by providing the very best in mobile software, hardware, connectivity, and services solutions to efficiently mobilize and increase the productivity of today’s ever increasing virtual workforce. 

ASI’s Mobile Computing solutions are also designed to address the special requirements of your traveling, field-based staff.  A specialized support program is necessary to maximize uptime and minimize any loss of productivity.  ASI provides a service option which centrally inventories a predetermined number of identical spare units, purchased or leased by you. These units are pre-configured and ready to be shipped anywhere in the continental United States.

Benefits & Features

  • Asset Tracking and Reporting
  • Customer Specific Image Loads
  • Image Management and Customization
  • Maintenance of a Spare Parts Pool
  • Dedicated Repair Technicians
  • Extended Coverage Hours
  • Asset Retrieval and Redeployment
  • Asset Retrieval and Disposal
  • Data Backup
  • Data Transfer
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Technology Upgrade
  • Special Projects

While new technologies are intended to simplify things, they can bring challenges. Enterprises, large and small, are struggling to manage a variety of mobile devices, application usage, storage and new and ever increasing security threats and regulatory pressures. In today's interconnected world, virtually every aspect of an organization’s operation is vulnerable to disruption.  Moreover, our solutions are designed with business continuity in mind ensuring minimal impact to our clients, employees and stakeholders. They are designed to help clients maintain continuous operation and availability of critical business processes, mission-critical applications, data, work centers and networks.

ASI Mobility solutions benefits

  • Help you accelerate decision making
  • Enable employees to collaborate in real time regardless of their location
  • Help mobile workforce better manage their professional and personal lives
  • Increase end-user productivity and raise customer satisfaction
  • Ensure access to corporate email and applications
  • Ensure device support and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reduce corporate security threats