ASI System Integration, Inc. has been invited to the White House on Friday, January 31 to take part in an event convened by President Obama to discuss strategies for helping our nation’s nearly 4 million long-term unemployed get back into the labor market. Angel Pineiro is SVP of Services for ASI, a leading national System Integration company. Sector partnerships will be one of the strategies featured at the event as a tool to help the long-term unemployed re-train for new well-paying, family-supporting careers. These business-led partnerships bring together multiple firms within the same industry along with local colleges, training providers, community-based organizations and workforce investment boards. These employers work together to define common skill standards for hard-to-fill positions, and then partner organizations align publicly funded training and support services to prepare people for those jobs. Angel has been called to the White House to share ASI's successes in building such a partnership to re-employ local residents in the IT industry. A number of organizations promoting the national expansion of sector partnerships will also be in attendance, including National Skills Coalition, (National Fund for Workforce Solutions), and Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships. Other event participants will include CEOs from national corporations, small- and medium-sized employers, foundations, and other local organizations working to help the long-term unemployed in a variety of ways. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez and Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker will be joining President Obama at the event to discuss a number of new efforts by the Obama Administration to bring new attention to the long-term unemployed. Among those efforts, it is anticipated that President Obama will be announcing new support for sector partnerships and other workforce intermediaries working with the long-term unemployed, building on the successful models developed by such organizations as ASI System Integration, Inc.