The McGraw-Hill Companies’ 2nd Annual E-waste Recycling Campaign a Success

McGraw-Hill Partners with ASI System Integration and Technology Conservation Group on Employee Electronics Recycling Program

BOSTON, June 18th, 2010 – The McGraw-Hill Companies announced the results of its 2nd Annual E-waste Recycling Campaign (April 19 to 23) where employees dropped off their used electronics for recycling at McGraw-Hill’s office locations around the United States, Canada, India, and Mexico. The 2010 E-waste Recycling Campaign collected and recycled 52 tons of personal and corporate electronics – ranging from monitors, laptops, and printers to televisions, cell phones, DVD players, and even flash drives. This year’s Campaign yielded nearly four times the amount by weight of electronics collected the year before.

McGraw-Hill partnered with ASI System Integration (ASI) in conjunction with the Technology Conservation Group (TCG) to collect the electronics, erasing all data, reusing as many components as possible, and recycling what cannot be reused. Any electronics not fit to be refurbished were disassembled to their original commodity components.

ASI System Integration carries the 'green' torch, offering customers such as McGraw-Hill Companies environmentally sound solutions in the disposal and recycling of end-of-life IT equipment. ASI has noticed a growing trend of corporations ready to embrace the concept of appropriate disposal of electronic equipment, however, the overall consumer community sadly lags behind. ""McGraw-Hill has set a high bar to follow,"" remarked Noel Schenkel, ASI relationship manager for McGraw. ""By launching an annual E-waste Recycling Campaign, they have gone above and beyond; demonstrating continued environmental concern on both a corporate and consumer level.""

""Not only have the McGraw Hill Companies 'stepped up' in organizing the E-waste Recycling Campaign on behalf of their employees, they have taken a clearly exceptional step by funding the entire initiative and making it simple and compelling for their employees to 'do the green thing' in discarding electronics. Bravo, McGraw-Hill!"" said ASI President Chris Mammano. ""We applaud your commitment not only to your employees, but to our environment, and the world we all share.""

“We’re very proud of the growth of the annual personal e-waste recycling campaign,” said Louise Raymond, Senior Director, Global Corporate Responsibility for the McGraw-Hill Companies. “Our employees were instrumental in the success of this program and their participation is a testament to their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities.”

“McGraw Hill should be recognized both internationally and nationally for taking action regarding the fastest growing recycling issue in the US,” said Hamilton Rice, President of TCG. As a fortune 500 company, McGraw Hill has not let the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality affect their ability to recognize and actively participate in a solution to an issue that debilitates our country more every day. I personally commend McGraw Hill for embracing the responsibility of all corporations, individuals and governments to handle their e-waste in a responsible manner. They have made it their goal to not only address such issues, but takes the term “go green” to new heights. TCG was proud to be part of such a successful program which promotes sustainability, human health, and long term environmental responsibility.”

“It’s exciting to see an industry leader like McGraw-Hill undertake such an extensive voluntary program,” said Scott Cassel, PSI’s Executive Director. “McGraw-Hill’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainable business practices demonstrates the tremendous impact that the private sector can have on source reduction and recycling at the local level.”

Electronic waste, which includes hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, is one of the fastest growing portions of the waste stream. According to the US EPA, the recycling rate for televisions and computers is only about 18 percent, and cell phones are only recycled at a rate of 10 percent. During the week-long Campaign, McGraw-Hill collected 1,643 computers and laptops, 542 monitors, and 67 televisions, together weighing as much as five school buses and preventing the release of greenhouse gases equivalent of annual tailpipe emissions from 22 automobiles.

Much of this type of waste is able to be restored and refurbished, and even electronic products that are beyond repair can be processed to recover materials that could be used in the manufacture of new products. Metals, glass, and plastics are all large components of electronics and have the potential to be recovered and recycled in an economically feasible manner.

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