ASI is a Pioneer EPEAT Reseller Partner

EPEAT System Launches Groundbreaking Reseller Partner Program
Program Offers Support and Recognition for Green IT initiatives

EPEATTM, the green electronics rating system, today announced the launch of the EPEAT Reseller Partner Program, offering IT channel resellers access to EPEAT resources and recognition to help them support customers looking for green IT solutions.

”Understanding and affiliating with EPEAT offers a key advantage in the IT marketplace today,’” said Sarah O’Brien EPEAT’s Outreach and Communications Director. “This program both brings resellers up to speed on the details of the EPEAT system, and identifies Reseller Partners to end users as reliable sources of EPEAT purchasing assistance.“

Given the rapid growth of EPEAT contract specifications – including a Federal government purchasing requirement -- solution providers need to be prepared to identify EPEAT registered products, explain EPEAT ratings and environmental criteria, and estimate the environmental and cost benefits EPEAT purchasing can return to purchasers. The EPEAT Reseller Partner Program offers sales force training, customizable collateral, and a program logo to identify EPEAT Reseller Partners. Partner Resellers are highlighted on the EPEAT website at Message development assistance, press release templates and other resources are on also tap to help participating resellers respond to the growing demand for Green IT assistance.

“This sort of reseller support is atypical for an environmental ratings program, “ said O’Brien, “But we heard from many resellers that they were fielding frequent EPEAT-related queries and wanted to demonstrate their readiness to support EPEAT purchasing initiatives. We are very happy to offer a program that helps them do so.”

The EPEAT Reseller Partner program complements EPEAT’s existing relationships with Channel Intelligence and CNET Content Solutions, who provide EPEAT product information feeds to resellers, and with Ingram Micro and Synnex, who ,as EPEAT Distributor Partners, identify EPEAT rated products for their channel partners.

The EPEAT system evaluates electronic products according to three tiers of environmental performance: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each EPEAT registered desktop, laptop or monitor complies with 23 required environmental performance criteria to qualify for EPEAT registration. Products receive Bronze, Silver or Gold EPEAT ratings based on how many of 28 optional criteria they meet. Key benchmarks include the elimination of environmentally sensitive materials, product longevity, end of life management, and energy efficiency.

EPEAT is a purchasing contract requirement for all US Federal Agencies, and is increasingly integrated into government, education, health care and enterprise purchasers’ IT contracts. Key purchaser data and profiles may be found at .

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About EPEAT The EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) program evaluates computer desktops, laptops, and monitors based on 51 environmental criteria developed through an extensive stakeholder consensus process supported by US EPA. The EPEAT standard is ANSI approved and was formally adopted in 2006 as Standard 1680 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). The EPEAT system is managed by the Green Electronics Council, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Portland, OR.

About EPEAT Registered Products
Compared to traditional computer equipment, all EPEAT-registered computers have reduced levels of
cadmium, lead, and mercury to better protect human health and the environment. They are more energy efficient, which reduces emissions of climate changing greenhouse gases. They are also easier to upgrade and recycle. In fact, manufacturers must offer environmentally responsible recycling options for all EPEAT-registered products. For more on EPEAT criteria and qualified products, see

For full details on the EPEAT criteria, a searchable database of EPEAT registered products, a list of participating manufacturers, RFPs using EPEAT, and media coverage of the system since its launch, visit the EPEAT website at