Public Sector

ASI is a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions to the public sector.  We work with some of the largest local and regional public sector organizations and education institutions. Our goal is to be the premier trusted partner for the implementation and management of services and technology solutions to enable the IT transformation of our public and educational clients’ investments that returns true value to their respective organizations. 

Public sector procurement can be costly, complex, and often a very lengthy process.  The government has established a number of centralized procurement frameworks and agreements to ensure that only qualified suppliers are represented. ASI is a certified public sector supplier.

Procurement and IT executives are tasked with serving their constituency by implementing the following:

  • Reduce purchase prices
  • Reduce or eliminate the time required to research specifications
  • Enhance and simplify the purchase process
  • Minimize the time required to identify responsible vendors
  • Ensure product and service quality
  • Meet recycling/energy efficient and green procurement objectives
Yet, meeting these objectives in the face of decreasing budgets is challenging, forcing these leaders to root out inefficiencies in all areas, including IT.  This is where ASI comes in.  Our IT transformation strategy helps IT departments and procurement organizations deliver state-of-the-art capabilities, sourcing efficiencies by providing superior services and customer service.