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asi service desk is a remote support plan that will improve service delivery times while maintaining operational efficiency, reducing cost, and allowing you to take back control of your budget and efficiently improve your staff resources.

In the era of Cloud Computing, many organizations have shifted their internal IT services to external support experts. Why? Because limitations of time, money, and resources have created gaps resulting in an increase in downtime and overall systemic inefficiencies. ASI Technology Services is a portfolio of options aimed to fill these gaps. We supplement your IT department so your staff can do what they do best. By implementing industry best practices, we help you achieve your IT goals: optimizing what you own, refreshing as necessary, increasing process efficiency, and keeping your infrastructure up-to-date.

common support needs

The following are among the common, day-to-day support requests that the ASI Service Desk receives, troubleshoots, and resolves:

General Performance
assist with general system performance 
troubleshoot errors, pop-ups, crashes 
help with hardware issues 
address drivers and system conflicts 
browser support 
Software Installs & Operation
install and/or set up applications 
resolve software issues 
assist with use of basic software packages 
troubleshoot sync issues 
sync contacts, emails and calendars
Operating Systems
diagnose/resolve OS issues 
address boot-up problems 
assist with OS use or feature customization
set up/connect to a network 
set up connection to WIFI 
troubleshoot connections with peripherals 
sync mobile devices with PC applications 
set up bluetooth connectection 
detect/remove spyware, viruses, malware 
secure a wireless network 
Mobility & Media
connect/sync email on your smartphone 
uploading photos 
troubleshooting mobile connectivity

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