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ASI is a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions to the state & local government.  We work with some of the largest local and regional public sector organizations. Our goal is to be the premier trusted partner for the implementation and management of services and technology solutions to enable the IT transformation of our state & local government clients’ investments that returns true value to their respective organizations. 

State & Local government procurement can be costly, complex, and often a very lengthy process.  The government has established a number of centralized procurement frameworks and agreements to ensure that only qualified suppliers are represented. ASI is a certified stet & local government supplier and a Minority Business Enterprise.

State & Local Governments are under a great deal of scrutiny to spend effectively, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, accountability, and transparency in today’s economic environment.  Many CIOs are dealing with old and decaying IT infrastructures, complex, and disparate environments, all stand in a way of delivering value to their citizens.

ASI tackles these challenges head-on with our complete Lifecycle solutions including:

  • Consulting & Integration
  • Lifecycle Sourcing
  • Technology Services
  • Asset Disposition
  • Technology Workforce Solutions

Our dynamic State & Local Government solutions are designed to manage & transform, consult & change, and source & deploy the right technologies when and where they are needed.

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